Helio Barthem, Martial Arts Instructor

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Helio Barthem

Country: Brazil

Rank: Second Degree Black Belt

Lineage: Carlos Gracie Sr >>> Rolls Gracie >>> Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti >>> Leonardo “Leozinho” Vieira >>> Helio Barthem

Helio started Jiu-Jitsu in the early 2000’s, under Professor Leonardo “Leozinho” Vieira. He became one of his Black Belts in 2011, being one of Leo's first students to go from white to black belt all under Leo's teaching. Helio used to live in São Paulo until 2017, splitting his BJJ time with a Tax attorney career (He graduated Law School in 2001). After almost two decades working as a lawyer and having BJJ as his true passion, Professor Leonardo Vieira invited Helio to move to the USA and to start a new journey teaching and competing in the world of Jiu-jitsu. Even knowing it would be one of the greatest challenges of his life, Helio promptly accepted the invitation and moved to California to train with Leozinho, compete, and to practice with some of the best competitors in the world. Helio was also excited to share his knowledge teaching BJJ at CheckMat Headquarters and some other schools in southern California. During this amazing experience of an “American life”, Professor Ricardo “Pantcho” Feliciano, a good friend since such days back in Brazil invited Helio to build and grow CheckMat Temecula Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy! Helio Is the head coach of Checkmat Temecula, Referee and BJJ competitor who loves spending time developing his students lives on and off of the mats.

Some Of Helio's Accolades:

  • San Jose International 2018 Open Class 1st Place
  • Atlanta Spring International Open 2018 2nd Place
  • San Diego International Open 2018 1st Place
  • BJJ PRO Los Angeles 2018 2nd Place
  • Atlanta Summer International Open 2018 2nd Place
  • Long Beach International Open 2018 2nd Place
  • SJJIF World Championship 2018 2nd Place
  • SJJIF World Championship No Gi 2018 3rd Place
  • San Jose International Open 2018 1st Place
  • IBJJF Dallas International Open – Open Class – 3rd Place
  • San Diego International Open 2017 1st Place
  • San Diego International 2017 Open Class 3 Rd Place
  • British National Open 2017 1 St Place
  • British National 2017 NO GI Open Class – 3rd Place
  • American National 2017 2nd Place
  • American National 2017 NO GI 3rd Place
  • Chicago Summer International Open 2017 3rd Place
  • Pan Ams NO GI 2017 3rd Place
  • Atlanta Winter International Open 2018 3rd Place
  • IBJJF Dallas International Open – Super Heavy Weight – 1st Place
  • IBJJF San Jose International Open – Heavy Weight – 3rd Place


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